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Vascular Laser Treatments

An Antidote for Spider Veins

Even if your skin is in a good shape, a single spider vein on your face can instantly add years to your look. Luckily, it can be completely removed with a vascular laser.

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What Are Vascular Laser Treatments? 

Vascular laser treatments are effective at eliminating spider veins, superficial blood vessels and capillaries, and other vascular lesions that are commonly seen around the nose, eyes, cheeks and lips.

These treatments are often combined with IPL or laser genesis for management of rosacea and are sometimes recommended in combination with or as an alternative to sclerotherapy for treating leg veins.

Dermetics uses the Cutera Excel V laser — the most advanced and effective technology available for vascular lesions.

How Vascular Laser Treatments Work

Before vascular laser treatments, skin is cleansed and a cool gel is applied.

Light energy targeting visible blood vessels is delivered to the skin through a hand piece. The vessels absorb the light energy and are then damaged and dissolved by the body without injury to surrounding tissue.

A vascular laser causes a brief stinging sensation which can be relieved by cool compresses. Treatments are quick and most patients report only mild discomfort. It is common to have some redness and mild swelling at the site and in some cases temporary bruising may result.

Small vessels can often be eliminated after a single treatment while larger, stubborn vessels may require multiple treatments. Sun exposure should be avoided prior to and immediately after treatments. Daily use of an SPF 45 sunscreen is recommended.

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