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Acne Extractions

Don’t do it at home!

We know how tempting it is to pick, pop, squeeze or scratch acne, but it will only make it worse and can cause permanent scarring.

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What Are Acne Extractions?

For acne-prone skin with a tendency to form blackheads, whiteheads, little hard white bumps (called milia) or ingrown hairs, we recommend regular extractions with a medical professional who can safely clear clogged pores and remove debris without causing scars, spreading bacteria and making things worse.

How Acne Extractions Work

Medical extractions for acne and acne-prone skin are performed in a sterile environment using specially designed instruments that gently loosen and remove sebum and debris from pores. Some extractions may require a tiny incision with a lancet to release trapped sebum.

Extractions can be done as frequently as required and are often combined with microdermabrasion or chemical peels as part of regular maintenance. Recommendations on skincare products that keep skin clear between treatments will be provided at your appointment.

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