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PicoWay® Laser

Transform your skin from the inside out with the PicoWay Laser!

Treat signs of aging, tattoo removal, pigmentation, acne scars, skin irregularities, and Melasma.

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What is PicoWay Laser?

The PicoWay laser is an FDA and Health Canada approved advanced fractional laser treatment for signs of aging, tattoo removal, pigmentation, acne scars, skin irregularities, and melasma.

How PicoWay Laser Works

The PicoWay laser uses ultra-fast pulses known as picoseconds to target unwanted pigment in the skin while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. These high-powered pulses break up the pigment into tiny particles where they are eliminated by the body's natural processes. As it emits less heat than traditional lasers, PicoWay provides a much more comfortable treatment than other traditional lasers, with fast results, and virtually no downtime!

Am I A Good Candidate?

PicoWay laser treatments are safe on most skin types and areas of the body. The most common areas that we treat include:

  • Face and neck
  • Décolletage
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Shoulders

While the PicoWay laser works on both lighter and darker skin types, depending on the wavelength and applicator needed for your treatment, the PicoWay laser may not be the best treatment for your skin type. We cannot use the PicoWay laser on skin that is suntanned.

Treatments with the PicoWay laser typically involve a series of treatment sessions, so that is an important consideration in your treatment decision.

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