Undefined Jawline

Create a More Balanced Facial Profile

Jawline contouring is currently gaining popularity with both women and men as a way to achieve a more confident and youthful appearance.

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What Is an Undefined Jawline?

It’s inevitable that as we age, our jawlines lose their balanced look and become more undefined. While some people want to build up weak parts of their lower face, others want to slim down a square or heavy jaw, or reduce jowls and sagging. 

Contouring treatments could help restore your facial balance and proportions.

Undefined Jawline Treatments

A combination of treatment options is available to patients looking for improved jaw definition:

  • Botox® injections can have a slimming effect on square or heavy jaws
  • Belkyra™ and Coolsculpting® can help reduce submental fat under the chin
  • Dermal fillers can be used strategically in the jaw and chin to lift and define the jawline

Don’t worry if you’re unsure which treatment to choose. All our treatment plans start with a thorough assessment by Dr. Muhn, Dr. Rosen, and our expertly trained cosmetic injectors.  Dr. Muhn and Dr. Rosen specialize in nonsurgical contouring treatments and can customize corrective options according to your unique anatomy.  Our highly skilled team of cosmetic injectors are skillfully trained by our physicians and work under their medical direction.

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