Brown Spots & Melasma

Managing Skin Discolouration

Seeing brown spots on skin can be concerning and even frightening, as it can either be a distinct skin condition or a symptom of another disorder. A timely visit to a dermatologist can help diagnose and successfully treat both brown spots and melasma.

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What Are Brown Spots & Melasma?

Brown spots or pigmented lesions on the face, chest, legs and hands are common as skin ages and are caused by sun exposure in most cases. 

Melasma is a pigment disorder that shows up as brown patches on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin or upper lip. Hormones are thought to be a trigger and it often appears during pregnancy which is why it’s commonly referred to as “the mask of pregnancy”. 

Sun exposure can make melasma more pronounced. The condition can sometimes disappear on its own after pregnancy or when hormonal triggers are eliminated, but often requires long-term management.

Brown Spots & Melasma Treatments

Conditions such as brown spots and melasma should be carefully managed by a dermatologist who is trained to recognize their unique characteristics. Incorrect treatment can lead to complications or worsening of symptoms, which in some cases can turn permanent. 

There are various treatment options available depending on spot type and location: 

  1. Laser resurfacing, vascular laser treatments or peels. 
  2. Vivier Hyperpigmentation System — a skincare line containing hydroquinone — is an effective topical option.
  3. Daily use of sunscreen with an SPF of 45 or higher is critical in preventing recurrence.

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