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CO2 Facial

A luxurious facial with instant results

A facial experience that delivers instant, noticeable results. Enjoy enhanced hydration, smoothness, and a radiant glow without any discomfort or recovery time.

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What is a CO2 Facial?

The CO2 facial treatment is crafted to elevate the overall quality of your skin, swiftly and effectively addressing a variety of skin concerns in a safe manner.

How does the CO2 Facial Work?

The CO2 Facial treatment commences with a soothing cleanse and a prepping of the skin to maximize absorption of the mask.

As the two packets combine, carbon dioxide is generated through a gentle chemical reaction. Once applied to the skin, the gel mask forms a barrier that encapsulates the CO2, providing a cooling sensation. After around 30 minutes of absorption, the CO2 stimulates the skin, prompting a natural influx of oxygen-rich blood.

Upon removal, the mask unveils a youthful, radiant complexion. 

Experience the radiant glow from this facial for up to a week, with results compounding when done in a series a week apart.

Tailored Facial Enhancements

This facial treatment can be personalized to address your specific skin concerns. We encourage you to discuss these concerns and options during your consultation or with your provider to give you the best possible results. Customization options include hydration, exfoliation, peels, and dermaplaning.

Rest assured, most of our variations of this facial are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe.

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