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Achieving clear skin: Getting your acne under control

Persistent acne can be an ongoing source of frustration. When traditional acne treatments fail to deliver the desired results and often come with unwanted side effects. Our innovative MicroBlu acne protocol delivers safe and remarkable results.

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What is MicroBlu?

MicroBlu is a specialized treatment series designed for individuals seeking effective management of active acne. This comprehensive regimen includes an exfoliation step followed by blue light therapy to target and treat acne at its source.

How does the MicroBlu Work?

Acne is a complex skin condition with various factors contributing to the development and persistence. That's why we created ourMicroBlu treatment protocol, designed for customization to effectively target and treat your specific acne causing triggers and concerns.

The first step involves exfoliation, where we offer both physical and chemical options tailored to your skin type and acne severity. This process helps by removing surface debris that lead to clogged pores and allows for better absorption of any topical treatments applied during and after the procedure.

Following exfoliation, Blue Light therapy (phototherapy) is administered to combat acne-causing bacteria and the reduction of inflammation. This safe and proven treatment is effective in managing acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

To achieve optimal results, our treatment is offered as a series, ensuring that you see real improvement in your skin.

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