Double chin

Double chin, or submental fullness, is a common, yet undertreated facial aesthetic condition. Submental fullness is not limited to people who are overweight and is often resistant to diet and exercise.  It can affect men or women of average weight and can be caused by aging, genetics and weight gain. Submental fullness can make those affected seem heavier than they are and lead to an older, unbalanced facial appearance.  In the past treatment for submental fullness was limited to invasive options like surgery and liposuction or energy devices that offered inconsistent and temporary results.


Submental fullness can be treated with both Coolsculpting® and Belkyra™, two non-invasive treatment options that permanently destroy fat cells and can deliver outstanding facial contouring. Our dermatologists will determine the most effective treatment option based on your unique anatomy and needs.

Coolsculpting® uses a process known as cryolipolysis to freeze and destroy fat cells without harming surrounding tissues.

Belkyra™ is an injectable solution which contains no human or animal-derived substances and is extremely safe when administered by qualified, experienced physicians. Under its US trade name, Kybella™, Belkyra™ has been the focus of a global clinical development program involving over 20 clinical studies with more than 2,600 patients worldwide.  Dr. Muhn and Dr. Rosen are part of a small, select group of specialists chosen by Allergan to lead the launch of this product in Canada.


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