Lasers for Pigmented Lesions

Lasers can safely treat a variety of pigmented lesions including brown spots that commonly occur on the face, chest, legs and hands. Dermetics uses the AlexTriVantage® – a unique laser that selectively targets pigmented skin without damaging surrounding tissue.  Pigmented lesions can look alike so it is important they are assessed and managed by a dermatologist who is trained to recognize their unique characteristics and can recommend the safest and most effective treatment options.


Skin is cleansed and pre-treated with a cool gel.  Light energy is delivered to the skin through a hand piece in a series of brief pulses targeting areas of visible pigmentation. These pigmented areas absorb the light and are damaged and absorbed by the body without injuring the surrounding tissue.  The treatment causes a brief snapping sensation and temporary stinging which are relieved by cool compresses.   Most patients are able to tolerate treatments well and report only mild discomfort.   It is common to have some redness and mild swelling after treatments, and pigmented areas may temporarily darken before sloughing off or being absorbed.  Multiple treatments may be required and are scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart.


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