Moles, Tags & Cysts

Say goodbye to those lumps and bumps.

It’s no longer necessary to keep your benign growths untouched for life. After an accurate diagnosis, you can undergo various skin tag or mole laser treatments and often see the results the same day.

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What Are Moles, Skin Tags and Cysts?

Moles, skin tags and cysts are benign skin lesions or growths that can occur at any age with any skin type. Although generally harmless, they are sometimes uncomfortable or unsightly, and many people choose to have them removed. Other common types of benign lesions include seborrheic keratosis, solar lentigo and sebaceous hyperplasia.

Moles, skin tags, cysts and other benign growths can be safely removed with a variety of minor procedures that can be done quickly and comfortably.

Mole, Skin Tag and Cyst Removal Treatments

The elective removal of moles, skintags, cysts or other benign skin lesions falls under our cosmetic services. Elective removals are NOT covered by OHIP.

An important first step for elective removal – lesions must have been previously assessed by a physician within a year and deemed a cosmetic removal.

If you or your doctor are concerned about a mole, cyst or any other lesion and need a medical dermatology assessment, this will NOT fall under our cosmetic services and a referral is required. For more information on next steps in getting a medical consultation for suspicious or concerning lesions, reach out to

The removal process for benign growths always starts with a thorough assessment by one of our dermatologists, who will consider the size, depth and location of the growths and recommend the method that will offer the best results with little to no scarring. Our Dermatologists are unable to provide medical diagnosis under our cosmetic practice.

In most cases, the treatment can be done the day of your consultation

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