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An Alternative Acne Treatment

Prolonged acne can be a source of constant frustration. If regular acne medication doesn’t work as planned and tends to trigger side effects, Acleara light therapy treatments can be a better solution.

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What Is Acleara™? 

The Acleara™ acne clearing system is an effective treatment option for patients with active acne.

It is often recommended in addition to prescribed treatment plans and offers an excellent alternative for patients who are unable to tolerate or wish to avoid the side effects of medications.

How Acleara™ Works

The Acleara for acne clearing system uses a unique and effective combination of gentle vacuum extraction and broadband light.

The vacuum deep cleanses pores to extract impurities while the light destroys acne causing bacteria and reduces redness and inflammation. 

The procedure is fast, comfortable and results can be seen quickly in many cases. For best results, a series of four weekly treatments are recommended, followed by a single treatment every two to three months, or as required, to maintain results.

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