The Silos of Facial Aging

When it comes to understanding the aging process of the face, we categorize it into three key silos. Each silo plays a pivotal role in the transformation of our faces over time. Understanding these silos and their impact on facial changes allows us to effectively and proactively address the effects of aging on your appearance. The speed at which you age in each silo is determined by a combination of your genetic makeup and environmental factors.

The Initial Silo - Skin Quality Changes

As we age, the radiance of our skin diminishes, giving way to a dull appearance. The onset of uneven skin tone, with visible broken blood vessels, and the emergence of brown spots and patches become more pronounced. With the depletion of collagen and elastic tissue, skin laxity, rough texture, and an overall dull complexion surface. To combat these transformations and rejuvenate skin vitality, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology and medical-grade skincare treatments tailored specifically to address this facet of the aging process.

Changes in Skin Quality - The First Silo

The Second Silo - Movement-Based Changes

Repeated facial expressions contribute to the formation of fine files and wrinkles, which deepen over time and can become visible even when our face is at rest. Some of these lines convey negative emotions, while the muscles in the lower face exacerbate the effects of gravity, pulling our features downward.This is where treatments like Botox shine, helping to relax the muscles and smooth out these dynamic wrinkles.

Movement Based Changes - The Second Silo

The Third Silo - Structural Based Changes

The third silo, which undergoes significant transformation, en compasses structural changes as we age. Our skeletal structure and teeth experience resorption and rotation, while the support from fat pads diminishes, causing them to descend. This imbalance results in the skin envelope being too loose for the bony frame, leading to the familiar signs of aging such as sagging, jowling, and loss of facial contours. Utilizing fillers like hyaluronic acid, fat injections, or biostimulators is currently the only effective treatment for addressing this aspect of aging by restoring volume and structure to the face.

Structural Changes - The Third Silo

As Board-Certified Dermatologists with two decades of experience in aesthetic dermatology, our expertise lies in analyzing each individual's unique aging process across these three silos. By identifying the specific combination of changes taking place in each category, we can tailor a customized treatment plan to deliver optimal results. Since no single treatment can effectively address all three silos, a comprehensive and holistic approach is key to achieving the best outcomes and maintaining a youthful appearance over time.

This is the essence of the Dermetics approach - our dedication to achieving natural, enduring results stems from our wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to safe, effective treatments. We not only deliver immediate outcomes for our patients but also pave the way for graceful aging in the years to come. It is our forward-thinking mindset that truly benefits our patients in the long run.

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