PRP and My Thinning Hair?!!

There’s no doubt about it- hair loss can have a dramatic effect and can cause a sense of embarrassment and anxiety for both men and women alike!! For one particular Dermetics patient, her thinning hair had significantly started to impact every aspect of her life!!  

“Hair is a big part of how you see yourself. I feel like my thinning hair has affected my self-esteem, and what I feel about myself on the inside doesn’t match what I see when I look in the mirror” she stated.

She would find herself hung up in different situations, actively trying to avoid hairdressers that brought up how small her ponytail was, and would steer clear of social situations with her girlfriends out of embarrassment. “So much of our identity is tied up in our hair, and when those strands begin to depart, we may start to lose a sense of who we are in the process”.

After living with these feelings for a while, she finally decided she needed to take action. She came to Dermetics seeking a solution to her bothersome hair loss concerns and found PRP!

What is PRP?

PRP, short for “Platelet-Rich Plasma” is a treatment that involves the injection of plasma into an individual’s scalp to promote hair restoration.

How does it work?

You know when you scrape your knee riding your bike as a kid, or bruise your shin and your body has that incredible natural ability to heal itself! Have you ever wondered why this is? Through extensive research, scientists were able to narrow down and isolate one of the specific healing components that allows the body to do this… platelets!

To get scientific – our blood is made up of two main components, red blood cells and plasma. Our plasma is what contains these platelets, which provide essential growth factors that help to promote healing and tissue repair.

During PRP, when your sample of blood is taken, it gets placed in a machine that spins the red blood cells and plasma until they are separated. Once separated, the provider is then able to take that concentrated plasma and inject it into the areas that need a little TLC. It then stimulates regenerative activity in the hair follicles, promoting hair thickening and growth - it’s as simple as that.

Needles into the scalp… How does that feel?

Your scalp and face in general are sensitive areas. At Dermetics we like to prepare our patients by making sure they are aware that the treatment can be uncomfortable - but the process goes by quickly.

“On top of the various distraction techniques they used, it’s also a matter of how much I wanted this and how the small period of discomfort would be worth it 100 times over” our patient stated.

What was the final result..?

“I now have growth in places that had no hair,” said our patient. She stated that one piece of advice she would give to others who may be affected by hair loss is to make sure the expectations you are setting are realistic. “If you are under the impression that you’ll come out of treatment looking like Jennifer Lopez with long luscious locks, there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed” she said. But if you’re realistic and understand that the journey takes time there is no doubt you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference you will see!

Ready to start your PRP journey at Dermetics? Contact a member of our team today! Want to hear more about our patients experience? Watch her full interview here.

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