Preserving Your Likeness

At Dermetics, we are dedicated to achieving ‘Natural Looking Results’ that you can confidently share, if you wish to do so.

Our treatment plans are meticulously tailored to honor your true essence. We take into consideration every facet of your features and expressions, ensuring that we preserve your natural beauty while addressing your specific concerns and ultimate goals.

Preserving your unique likeness is an art that extends beyond maintaining your distinctive features. It encompasses safeguarding your expressions and movements, as they play a significant role in defining your individual appearance. Just like how we often notice the resemblance between parents and their children through their mannerisms and expressions, we strive to uphold and enhance your natural animations.

Our Baseline – The Before Photos

Before and After Pictures are an integral part of how we showcase the real-life transformations of our patients at Dermetics. While we often come across before and after photos on social media that display results in a resting position, we believe it is essential to capture the full story by assessing patients in motion. As part of our before and after pictures, we have our patients make various facial movements, allowing us to capture their natural animations. These baseline photos serve as a foundation for designing a personalized treatment plan that takes into account your unique movements as well as overall features.

Before Photos - with Animation

Patient Progress – The After Photos

In order to provide the most accurate representation of our patients' transformations, it is crucial that all photos are taken in the exact same position with consistent lighting EVERY single time. At Dermetics, we are incredibly meticulous when it comes to our before and after photos, ensuring that they truthfully depict our patients' appearances before and after treatment. We maintain an unwavering commitment to maintaining consistent positioning, backgrounds, lighting, and shadows, using these photos for our own learning and to compare side-by-side results as our patients progress through their journey with us.

Side by Side Comparison

A natural result must not only look great at rest but also during animation!

We have all witnessed individuals with beautifully full lips or flawlessly smooth skin, only to find that their movements appear unnatural or frozen when they speak or make expressions. Achieving natural results in both stillness and animation is influenced by several factors, including the quantity and type of product used, a deep understanding of anatomy and the precise placement of the product, as well as the interconnectedness of different facial areas during movement. Balancing these elements is crucial when it comes to treatments such as injectables, as it ensures that the results look natural and harmonious in all situations.

Our Uncompromising Standards

When you step through our doors, you can trust that we prioritize this delicate balance and a comprehensive 360˚ perspective. It is something we never compromise on. Our primary objective is to help you achieve your goals while preserving your inherently beautiful and natural animations.

This is The Dermetics Way, where we are committed to providing you with natural, long-lasting results that truly reflect your unique beauty.

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