“No Pain, No Gain” ….That’s so 2021

According to the Association of Psychology Newfoundland and Labrador's study, roughly 80% of Canadians will fail at their New Year's resolutions after just 6 weeks. With the most commonly failed resolution being, you guessed it, getting in shape!

There’s no doubt that exercise takes hard work and dedication, but what if we told you that your New Year's resolution could be a little more attainable this year with Emsculpt®.

What is Emsculpt®?

Emsculpt® is the first of its kind, FDA and Health Canada approved, non-surgical muscle stimulation device. It works by emitting high-intensity energy waves to targeted areas in the body. These energy waves then induce strong muscle contractions - so strong that they cannot be achieved through a standard workout!

To put things into perspective, the average person can only contract their muscles between 25-30% capacity for a fraction of a second, whereas Emsculpt® enables the muscles to contract up to 100%.

Get gains without the pain

Unlike a traditional workout, Emsculpt® is quick and relatively painless. In a 30 minute treatment your abs (or glutes) for example will contract 20,000 times!

Best of all it is non-invasive, and requires no downtime! Following treatment you might feel a bit of soreness for a day or two afterwards, as you would after a visit to the gym.  It has become a popular treatment to help lift and tone the butt, define the arms and calves, and firm up the abs.

And it’s not just about vanity…

Emsculpt® benefits extend further than delivering a six pack:

  • Strengthening core muscles can help to enhance posture and improve back pain.
  • It can enhance every day training results by activating muscles that normal training does not.
  • It can help to preserve and prevent age-related loss of muscle mass.

Disclaimer: While Emsculpt® can certainly emphasize definition on its own, as with any body contouring procedure, the best results will come from a combination of treatment, a healthy diet, and a consistent exercise routine.

Don’t let the gym closures in Ontario be the reason you fall behind on your New Year’s resolution in 2022. Get your fit on during Omicron and book a complimentary Emsculpt demo at Dermetics today!

Watch the doctors at Dermetics get Emsculpt.

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