Get The Dermetics Halo Glow

Get the Halo Glow

Is your skin feeling dull, uneven, and lacking a certain sort of… radiance? If this is the case you may be wondering what’s causing it, and how you can get that bright, vibrant glow back once again!

What causes dull skin:

Over time, skin starts to lose that youthful glow that it once had. External factors like sun exposure and environmental stressors, along with the body’s natural aging process can all play a part in this. While there are several things you can do to try and slow down signs of aging, eventually some skin damage may become inevitable. This is where laser technology comes in. While laser therapy techniques in the past have sought to address many of these age related concerns, none have done so as effectively, comfortably, and with as little downtime as the Halo fractional hybrid laser.

What is Halo?

Halo is the world's first Hybrid Fractional Laser that has revolutionized the skin resurfacing game!! It uses a combination of ablative lasers (that target the top layer of the skin) and non-ablative lasers (that heat the underlayer of the skin) to simultaneously regenerate tissue and correct skin imperfections.

Along with addressing the obvious visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, patients will see results including:

  • Evening of skin tone and reduction in spots from sun damage, redness and abnormal pigmentation.
  • Overall improvement in skin texture.
  • Reduced appearance of pores.
  • Increased luminosity and clarity.

What makes Halo so different?

Traditionally, ablative treatments were seen as the more effective but also more painful fractional laser that came with more significant downtime. With the Halo laser, there is no tradeoff between downtime and effectiveness. Halo sets the standard for resurfacing by delivering maximum results without the discomfort and downtime normally expected by fully ablative lasers. The treatment itself is generally well tolerated by our patients, only requiring a topical numbing cream applied beforehand. The feeling can be described by most as some heat and a tingling sensation but most only feel temporary mild-moderate discomfort. 

Is there downtime with the Halo Laser?

The first few days following treatment, there is some social downtime to be expected. With a bit of swelling, redness and peeling that clears up for the majority of our patients after seven days. We recommend being able to lay low for a few days post treatment. As part of the treatment experience at Dermetics, you will be provided with a beautifully packaged Post Procedure Recovery Box. It contains everything you will need to care for your skin the days immediately following treatment. Dermetics way to further promote optimal recovery and healing, giving you a peace of mind experience from start to finish.

How Dermetics does Halo differently

At Dermetics we are always looking for new and improved techniques to help you reach your desired results. While Halo on its own can help to stimulate new collagen and enhance the tone and texture of the skin, something we commonly offer at Dermetics is a combination treatment where we combine Halo with the Picoway laser, in one treatment. Adding in the Picoway laser, takes the treatment to another level, targeting any stubborn pigmentation and further improving the texture and tone of skin.

The combination of these laser technologies, the expertise of the doctors and highly trained staff assessing and planning the individualized treatment, along with the tailored recovery kit, ensures peace of mind for those choosing to do this treatment with us.

The Halo laser is truly in a class of its own, combining two lasers in one to not only erase visual imperfections on the skin's surface, but to also target the spots below the skin that are more difficult to see. If you are looking for a personalized way to restore and maintain the beauty and radiance of your skin, with little recovery time, Halo may just be the treatment for you!

Book a consultation at Dermetics and come see if Halo is right for you.

Disclaimer: All photos and videos on our digital media are published with patient permission, and are meant to represent visual examples for educational purposes only. Individual results will vary based on individual anatomy, and treatments performed.

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