Don’t Hate Filler

In 2023, we launched a social media campaign called "Don't Hate Filler." Why? To challenge the prevailing opinions and trends that are tarnishing the reputation of fillers used in Aesthetic Medicine.

Our goal is to educate and shed light on the reality that most of the "undesirable" results we see from this treatment have less to do with the product itself and more to do with the treatment plan.

For example, if you saw a poorly executed piece of art that you didn't like, would you hate all paint? Of course not. The same goes for filler. A negative result from filler is not a reflection of the product, but rather how it was used, the quantity used, and where it was placed.

The field of medical aesthetics, specifically non-surgical procedures like injectables, has experienced significant growth in recent years. With this increased demand, the number of injectors has also risen to meet the needs of patients. Aesthetic medicine is a unique blend of artistry and medicine, and we are passionate about the promoting expertise, experience, and knowledge of injectors. However, today we want to emphasize the importance of carefully selecting your aesthetic medicine clinic as well as your injector.

What should you look for in an injector?

1. Ensuring that your aesthetic preferences align with those of your injector.

- If you desire natural-looking results, make sure the clinic's before and after photos reflect that consistently.

2. Consider the education, anatomical knowledge, and experience of the injector.

- Dig deep into the credentials of the clinic, injector, and the overseeing doctor.

3. Morals and safety should be paramount.

- Not everyone's anatomy can support significant lip augmentation, for example. Your injector should always work within the limits of what is safe and achievable. Injectors have a responsibility to say "NO" when necessary.

Example of claims we aim to discredit

Sadly, some claims shared on social media by celebrities and influencers are considered facts due to their widespread dissemination. What are these claims?

One such claim is filler migration, which is widely portrayed as a common side effect. This claim has been discussed and shared so extensively on social platforms that it is now accepted as fact by many. However, with the emergence of ultrasound technology and its use to deliver filler more safely, paired with proper technique and knowledge of both the product and facial anatomy, this complication should be the exception rather than the rule. Ultrasound allows us to reevaluate cases previously considered as filler migration and reveals that incorrect placement and planes are the true causes of this result. Filler migration, or what we prefer to describe as filler misplacement and displacement, is actually an avoidable complication.

So, where do you get your information? Many of our colleagues and industry leaders are turning to social media to educate and help patients make more informed choices. However, misinformation continues to flood the internet, making it difficult to discern the truth from fiction.

Why get filler?

Filler plays a crucial role in the aesthetic medicine industry. Whether it's fat, hyaluronic acids, or other options, each with its own pros and cons, no facelift, technology treatment, or topical cream can replicate the effects that fillers provide.

Are we saying that everyone should get filler? Absolutely not. We all have our individual goals, concerns, and values, and we never want to influence those. However, let's not blame filler as the sole culprit for preventable poor results. When used thoughtfully, safely, and artistically, as our doctors have done for the past 20 years, filler can be part of a holistic treatment plan that achieves a beautiful, natural, and long-lasting masterpiece.

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