Deceptive Marketing

Deceptive Marketing

What you see isn’t always what you get – Misleading Marketing in the Cosmetics Industry

Deceptive marketing is a topic that has been largely talked about over the past decade. From brands photoshopping their models to appear a different shape, to cosmetics companies airbrushing flawless skin. But how can you tell if what you are seeing on the internet is really what it’s made out to be? What do you need to look out for as a consumer to make sure you are choosing a reputable brand that will live up to its promises?

We have broken down two deceptive techniques that are used in the cosmetics industry today, and how you can look out for them.

1. Before and After Photos 

In the aesthetics industry, we rely heavily on before and after photos. This is because they serve as an additional way to credential a treatment provider’s experience and aesthetic, showing potential patients what kind of results are possible. But are the photos a true representation of the before and after result? 

We’ve all experienced this in some way - You have two photos taken of you on the same day, in the same outfit, but for some reason, you look completely different. It’s not like you altered anything significantly – so why? The photos were likely taken from different angles, with subtle changes in lighting and position. 

Even subtle adjustments to patient positioning can dramatically change the appearance of results. A slight raising of the chin in a photo can drastically improve the look of the neck area without anything being treated. To the untrained eye, this illusion makes results (if any) look far better than what is possible within the scope of the procedure/treatment or product.

This is something we are incredibly mindful of here at Dermetics. We want to provide our patients with a true representation of what can be achieved, and a true representation of their own results. 

Consistency is key - if a photo is taken at a different angle, with different lighting, of course the results will look different. What we have done at our clinic is create a system where every photo is taken in the same way. We use high-quality cameras, a front-facing Lightbox, and marked spots on the floors and walls so our patients know exactly where to stand and look. We also don’t alter our photos in any way. It’s easy to put a filter on a photo to decrease redness or photoshop out blemishes, but what you are seeing with us is a real raw result!

Dermetics Photo Room

 2. "Ingredient Naming"

Another common deceptive technique used in the aesthetic industry is “ingredient naming”. If you take a peek around your local drug store you will likely run into several products that contain things like retinol, vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and Hyaluronic acid. You think to yourself – “I’ve heard of those, Vitamin C is supposed to help with aging, I’ll buy that product!”  After weeks of using it however, you haven’t seen a change. Why is this? 

The problem lies in the fact that many of these skin care products use these ingredients, however they aren’t manufactured in the proper way, for example, with vitamin C,  in the right concentration or at the right pH.  So, while the product may contain Vitamin C, the ingredients aren’t working effectively, creating little to no benefit.  We carry scientifically proven medical-grade skincare to avoid these pitfalls.  Although this may come at a slightly higher price point when compared to drug store products, you can be assured that what you are getting has been tested and scientifically proven to deliver results.  And most importantly - we tailor a skin care regimen that is right for your skin.

It is important to be aware of some of these deceptive techniques so you can learn how to make informed decisions on procedures or products.

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