Discover the Dermetics difference

It’s all about our doctors

Dermetics is home to Dr. Channy Muhn and Dr. Nathan Rosen, leading experts in cosmetic dermatology and laser procedures who have helped redefine industry standards by developing  techniques and applications that deliver outstanding results.  Their skills and expertise are part of every treatment, where they meet with each patient and personally perform all injection treatments – an advantage that truly sets Dermetics apart from other clinics. This hands-on approach has made Dermetics one of the fastest growing and successful clinics in Canada. It’s the difference between a good result and a great result!

It’s all about experience

Cosmetic medicine is the focus of our practice. We believe that training and experience are key when it comes to achieving natural looking results. As dermatologists, not only do we know skin, we understand facial anatomy and the aging process better than any other discipline. These are skills that take years to acquire and refine – they can’t be acquired through a weekend course, or through part-time practice. It’s this kind of experience that allows us to deliver safe, natural looking results to our patients – and to keep them looking fresh and beautiful at every age.

Ready to get started?

Our patients begin with a consultation where we discuss your issues and goals and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that’s individual to you. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about various treatment options, and you’ll have plenty of time for questions. Each consultation includes a complete skincare analysis, as well as recommendations on how to care for your skin between treatments.

Why Choose Dermetics?
  • Recognized industry experts
  • Experience, skills and safety
  • Advanced techniques and technology
  • Natural, beautiful results


Ready to turn back the clock? Let us design a treatment plan customized to fit your individual needs.