Medical Dermatology at Dermetics

Medical Dermatology at Dermetics

Our medical dermatology practice is separate from cosmetic dermatology and focuses on treatments covered by OHIP through family doctor referrals.

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What Is Dermatology? 

Dermatology is a specialized area of medicine which focuses on diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Dermatologists must complete an intensive five years of advanced, specialized training following medical school and many go on to do fellowships in specific disciplines. 

Common conditions treated by dermatologists include acne, eczema, psoriasis, precancerous growths and skin cancers. To learn about these and other skin conditions, visit

Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology

Our medical dermatology (covered by OHIP) is only available by referral. As a result, we are unable to prescribe and provide medical diagnosis during cosmetic appointments. 

Since some skin conditions have both cosmetic and medical treatments, you can contact us to clarify whether a cosmetic solution is available for your situation.

Before Your Appointment

We recognize that wait times in our office can sometimes be long. We try to see patients as promptly as possible but cannot always predict how much time each patient may require.

Our team is doing their best to keep things running on time but unexpected emergencies and surgical procedures are sometimes unavoidable and can contribute to delays.

To help us stay on time, on the day of your appointment, please:

  • Plan to arrive no more than five to 10 minutes in advance. Arriving early doesn’t guarantee you’ll be seen sooner.
  • Have your health card ready when you arrive and ensure it’s up-to-date. Patients with expired health cards may incur charges or postponed appointments.
  • Be sure to notify us if your contact information has changed in case we need to reach you.

For additional information or inquiries related to medical dermatology, contact us at

Common Questions

Do I need a referral?

Yes. In Ontario, OHIP regulations require that all patients must be referred to a dermatologist by their family physician for treatment of medical dermatological conditions.

Cosmetic dermatology treatments do not require a referral. If you are not sure whether your condition is medical or cosmetic, contact us and one of our patient coordinators will be happy to help.

How do referrals work?

Your family doctor will send a referral directly to us, outlining your specific condition. Our office will schedule an appointment and notify you of the date and time.

To make any changes to your appointment, simply contact us.

Do I need a separate referral for each condition?

Yes. Each skin condition requires its own referral from your family doctor.

What if I don’t have a family doctor?

A walk-in clinic or your local emergency room can issue a referral as well.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

You should allow a minimum of two weeks for your referral to be processed.

The date and time of your Dermetics appointment will depend on the urgency of your condition. Non-urgent appointments may be scheduled as far as six to nine months in advance. Urgent requests are accommodated on a priority basis as soon as our schedule allows.

Why are wait times so long?

There is an increasing demand for dermatology services in Ontario and a shortage of practicing dermatologists.

Our office receives hundreds of referrals each day, and we do our best to process them as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, this volume also means there may be a wait on the day of your appointment.

We appreciate your patience. To help us see you as quickly as possible: 

  • Try to avoid having to reschedule your appointments. We have limited space to accommodate changes.
  • Let us know if you no longer need your appointment so we can release it to another patient.

Do you have a cancellation list?

No. Our patient volume makes managing a cancellation list impossible.

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